L’art du crime (TV Series)

I have been watching “L’art du crime” (French TV Series) and enjoying all the art details. Especially I noted the deep blue contemporary paintings in the therapist’s office. After seeing them I have been painting with deep shades of blue. If one of these turns out to be adequate, my own therapist gets her own […]

Green and Orange

For a long time, actually a decade or so,  I have painted with a very limited colour palette. Ultramarine, Raw Umbra, Naples Yellow and white. Perhaps occasionally some violet or purple. Last week I found the box where I had stored all those oil paint tubes that have not felt my colours.Then I experimented with […]

Two painting have new homes

This painting is now finally at home in Italy, painted in 2016. Note the brave yellow to remind about power of joy. One of the exercises in red got a good home by an old work friend – in order to celebrate the  her splendid defense of her doctoral thesis.

Summer colors – with a different palette

Last weekend we prepared the summer cottage ready to wait for the winter. There were no leaves left in the trees and summer green had faded. The summer was warmer than usually, and we enjoyed some exotic summer paradise feelings that is not guaranteed here in these northern latitude areas. I had made my first experiments […]

Something Green

Not pale yellow green, no spring green. Dark green in a wide area on the canvas. (Though – the canvas size is reasonable 40cmx40cm.) After few months the naming of the painting needed some discussion and contemplation. ” Under the surface ” feels a right one. Doesn’t it?

Excercise in red

Someone near me volunteered to take one of  my therapy painting on her wall. But she asked to paint something in bright colors. Especially red has been a stranger to me, apart from Crimson Alizarin that I had used sparingly on some need of drama to my pale blue grey palette.I painted something that we […]

The Promise of Springtime

Last week a light feeling of the spring, due to increased day light time here in north. Painting imaginary flower felt proper thing to do. The temperature does not promise early spring, because still under -15°C even in a sunny day. But the light is wonderful after the darkness of the winter. 

Autumn and Spring

I started my abstract paintings with these two in 2014. First time experimenting with colors and new methods to spread the oils on  a canvas. It was very liberating.

Hommage à Morandi

I still remember the great Giorgio Morandi Retrospective of  SARA HILDÉN ART MUSEUM in 1988. As a part-time exhibition guide, I had an opportunity to study the paintings and backgrounds well.  The works of Morandi made a deep impact on my mind and since that time he has been one of my favourite artists.Hence Hommage à Morandi. – on a day when I felt tranquil. 

Goodbye I & II

In 2016 two months after my father died I painted Goodbye I, by that time I still did not recognize any sorrow.  After half a year in Goodbye II I found myself giving more room to feel sorrow.