Excercise in red

Someone near me volunteered to take one of  my therapy painting on her wall. But she asked to paint something in bright colors. Especially red has been a stranger to me, apart from Crimson Alizarin that I had used sparingly on some need of drama to my pale blue grey palette.
I painted something that we both were satisfied.

While ago she returned from a long journey and during that time the painting was kept on her friend’s wall. And the friend had got so attached to the image that she asked her own.

So I started a new one on the used canvas.

 The shape turned out to be difficult,  and my hand with red  was too heavy. 
This is my problem with bright colours.

    … so a next layer back to white…

 Still something is missing.

Because I was not totally satisfied with the result, I started a new one with a shape that was more near to original painting.

This time I was more careful with the bold color.

Here, the leaf gold needs still to put here… and back ground…
So I have had a great opportunity to paint brave red images. Red and gold! Totally different for my own exercises  to express my lost feelings. Aside with these two paintings I made an excercise in red:

Red is brave and gorgeous, warm and passionate, something very different from what I have seen myself.  I once described the timid myself as mouse grey. And I never have learned to wear clothes with flower prints and bright colors. (My youngest son told me when he was 5, “Your dress is ok, but perhaps some flower prints next time would be great!”. We were going to some kindergarten occasion.)

So I’m very grateful for being able to create something that bringing joy for others. Even more grateful I’m for finding new brave color to my palette.

Perhaps next I will try something with green…

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