Summer colors – with a different palette

Last weekend we prepared the summer cottage ready to wait for the winter. There were no leaves left in the trees and summer green had faded.

The summer was warmer than usually, and we enjoyed some exotic summer paradise feelings that is not guaranteed here in these northern latitude areas.

I had made my first experiments with acrylic colors earlier in the spring and decide to take only acrylic paints to the summer cottage.

The other significant difference in summer painting is that it’s not done alone but with company and more openly. So, the feedback is available. The best part is the dear painter colleague and the possibility to share a palette with someone. It really helps to brighten your colors and do new brave changes.

So more brighter colors after this…

  and then I shared  a palette with my niece…

This is  a diptych unfinished, started already in summer 2017 but it is developing very slowly.  Perhaps next year.
Something made me very brave to try deep blue and green.. in the picture the canvas is on the top of an other – so the pale pink is not part of painting. Almost paradise colors,

 And then small small … something that has to work further…

The summer filled us with warm and I’m thankful for  the moments that I shared with the family and the friends.

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